Turbulence Happens! Luckily, There's An App For That!      


For consumers who have questions about turbcast app or had developed any technical problems should read this page first before contacting us. The FAQ will provide support to many of your questions.

Is there a way to see how this app works? Yes, there is a demo video on the home page with screen shots & samples.
   There are also videos on youtube if you place a search for turbcast.  Click here

I don't have a fear of flying so can I benefit from this app? Yes, this app was developed for people with mild cases of      
  fear of flying, & the general public who may be curious about turbulence & want a better understanding of it.

How does the turbcast feature works? The turbcast feature is the main feature. It allows passengers to enter their
 travel itinerary into the app while it cross reference aviation weather data to give you a better complete forecast on the  chances of turbulence happening on your flight. It checks departure point, cruise flight & arrival point. You began by
 using the airport 3 letter identifier in the departure & arrival box. Then you enter an estimated departure & arrival time.
 You may enter this up to 12 hours in advance of your flight or 1 hour prior. It is important to make sure you enter the
 correct day & time to avoid getting error messages. It's also important to  enter correct time zone to get an accurate
 forecast. The app can still give you an accurate forecast  with an incorrect time zone entered, but the more accurate
 the information the more accurate the forecast prediction.

Why do I get a message saying arrival airport time should be before departure time? This is a alert message that
 sometimes happen if the time zone is not entered correctly, or the day & time is not correct. You could try adjusting the 
 time by an hour for a calculation.

Why don't the app work outside the U.S.? The app only gives forecast  within the U.S.& U.S. territories, Mexico,  Canada, Western Europe, Cuba, Trinidad, St Lucia , &  Dominican Republic . In order to provide the app for low cost we had to keep the cost down  by cutting out features such as other countries. Each country has to use different data for recovering weather that would be too difficult to recover. In return, this would drive up the cost for the app. The app is selling for $1.99 which is very competitive to other similar apps. In the future we plan to make updates that would include other countries such as Canada, UK, & some places in Europe. We apologize for leaving some countries out. 

How accurate is turbcast forecast and why sometimes it doesn't show accurate? The app is as accurate as the forecast.     It uses real aviation weather from two different weather sources so there should never be any crashing issues. The app looks at the same weather information that pilots look at to come up with its calculation. On some occasions the app may appear to not to be accurate. The reason sometimes for this is that it looks at a series of forecast for several hours. It interprets several hours of forecast to see which way it's trending. It's program to go with the most conservative forecast. For example, Lets suppose your arrival time is expected to have smooth air and the forecast later is expecting it to have gusting conditions at the surface. The app may lean more conservative and call it a High chance for turbulence even though your exact arrival is calling for calm conditions. (See sample below) Please keep in mind this app will never be 100% accurate. Even airline pilots can't predict turbulence 100% of the time. Otherwise, there will be no injuries from turbulence.

Sample--> The bold lines below represents some of the things the app looks for. The app looks for certain key words in the forecast which give clues to possible turbulence.

FM210300 12015G23KT 6SM -RA BR BKN015 OVC100 
     FM210800 12022G32KT 2SM RA BR OVC006 
     FM211000 12026G42KT 1SM +RA BR BKN006 OVC010 WS010/12065KT 
     FM211400 24020G32KT 5SM -RA BR SCT010 BKN030 
     FM211600 24018G28KT P6SM SCT025 BKN070

I noticed that my airport is not in the app's database?  Remember, turbcast works only in the U.S., Western Europe ,    Canada, Mexico, St Lucia , Cuba & Dominican Republic. The app contains hundreds of major terminal airports & smaller
  regional airports in its database. It is possible that an airport may be missing due to it being a new airport, or a
  smaller airport with new airline service was just introduced. In this case, use the next closest airport & kindly inform
  us so we can include it in the next update.

How does the app define the levels of turbulence? The app also defines the meaning of each level of turbulence.
  Low Chance
  minimum Chance
  High Chance 
How do I translate text to different languages?
  Simply go to the info page by hitting the little i button on top left corner of home screen. Then hit the flag for your 
  country. It will automatically translate.

How do I know which time zone I traveling to or going from?
  Below is a graph for North America. Europe is predetermined on the app with the EU (European Union) button.
  EU stands for European Union, EST = Eastern, CST= Central, MST= Mountain, PST= Pacific
  The time zones are arrange in the exact order of travel if your going West to East of vice-verse.



There are 2 time zones in Mexico. Mexico for the purpose of the app has one zone central.

The Caribbean uses the Eastern time zone.

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